2019 Unlimited National Bangers World Final – Report

The 2019 Unlimited National Bangers Championship of the World once again showcased the very best of National Banger racing with another night of high drama.

Over 200 of the top drivers from all over the UK and beyond descended on the Foxhall Heath Stadium, Ipswich for the 46th edition arguably the sport’s biggest prize. There were some lovely cars in attendance all being piloted by some of the biggest stars there are in this modern era of National Bangers.

Once again, the amount of preparation that drivers went through on their cars was outstanding – not just the World finalists, but also for those in the support races as well.

As customary with any National Banger World Final, there were three last chance races for any driver who hadn’t already qualified for the main race. These races often produce some of the best and most dramatic moments of the night with only the winner guaranteed a spot at the back of the World Final grid.

Last Chance Qualifier Heat One:

The first of the night’s last chance qualifiers saw 556 Louis Barker spin on turn three allowing 211 ‘Mister Nos’ Dennis Vorkink to go pilling in. Barton Boy 269 Tom Morris and 661 Shaun Smith also got caught up in the melee.

396 Callum Roberts also got tangled up in the pile up as did Scotsman 152 James Dillon. 145 ‘Sonic’ Colin Dicken’s Ford Granada MK2 was jacked by 22 David Sullivan’s Ford Scorpio limo who in turn received a hefty whack from 623 ‘Tricky’ Ricky Hutton.

As the race died down, 239 ‘Nemesis’ Steve Carter turned it around to T-Bone Posh-Wash driver 133 ‘Werzal’ Ben Wyatt, spinning him into the stationary Dillon car before giving him a head on. Wyatt then re-paid the favour as Carter was lining up his next victim.

IMG_5519 (2)_Fotor
Carter (239) ended Wyatt’s (133) hopes of making the World Final grid.

The DWO star eventually broke free and went after former World Champion ‘Big-Mac’ 427 Dean McPhilimey, almost splitting the latter’s Ford Scorpio in half in one of the most unusual wrecks you are likely to see all season.

298 ‘Showman’ Sam Wyatt then clipped the rear of McPhilimey’s car making the wreck even more dramatic with the rear axle almost completely getting separated from the rest of the car. The red flags were eventually brought out with McPhilimey’s car sitting in a rather precarious position.

The restart saw the World of Shale Champion 01 Kyle Shires lead the field away and eventually take the flag, booking his place on the World Final grid.

Race Winner: 01 Kyle Shires

Last Chance Qualifier Heat Two:

The second last chance qualifier began with 66 Darren Geary getting spun on turn three with 449 Billy Crittenden and 787 Marc Key also getting caught up. 195 David Forrest jacked Crittenden before subsequently getting jacked by 36 PJ Fagan.

632 Callum Reed got caught up with 882 Nathan Grant on the exit of turn four and was jacked superbly by 400 George Kelly.

IMG_5570 (2)
Kelly (400) ruined Reed (632) with this superb hit.

160 Jamie Warr was spun on turn four and as he reversed trying to get to safety, was hit over his rear left wheel by 229 Sean Riddell’s Jaguar.

43 Luke Maynard and 477 Jack Spiers got caught up on the outside of turn three together with Spiers receiving a hard hit over his rear left wheel by 400 Kelly in his monstrous Cadillac Hearse. The red flags were eventually brought out after Reed received an accidental hit in the driver’s door.

The restart saw 590 Michael Galloway get forced out wide on the exit of turn four leaving him nowhere to go but into the stranded car of Reed, ripping his front left wheel off.

787 Key was hit over his rear right wheel by 597 Shane Lines as he came to blows with 252 ‘Boogie’ Steven Bugler on turn three. Lines then went on the attack taking out 514 Marty Eighteen.

‘Boogie’ meanwhile was jacked by the former ORCi PRI National Banger World Champion 415 Scott Cornish before receiving a head on from 347 David Bull.

Eighteen then continued the assault by going through the passenger doors of ‘Boogie’ as he tried to reverse. 347 Bull then delivered a hit on the nose to ‘Boogie’ who was trying his best to escape from the Midnight Runners trio.

The leading 76 Adam Maxwell was then spun out of contention by 597 Lines, but given the big lead he had, he managed to re-join without dropping too many positions.

252 ‘Boogie’ turned it round and met 514 Eighteen on the nose as 381 Trevor Joyce also joined the fray and jacked Eighteen as 347 Bull hit ‘Boogie’ over his rear left wheel. Bull then piled in again, this time over the front left wheel as ‘Boogie’ continued to wave them in.

Bugler (252) took the fight to the trio of Midnight Runner drivers.

100 Callum White picked up 525 Nick Andrews on the back straight and followed him into the stranded car of 389 Deano McGrath.

Amazingly, such was his speed on the night, Maxwell somehow recovered from his earlier drama to take the win and book his place on the World Final grid.

Race Winner: 76 Adam Maxwell

Last Chance Qualifier Heat Three:

The third and final last chance qualifier saw another chaotic start with a small wrecking train forming on the home straight.

77 Patxi Beasley went storming in on 591 Luke Dilks whilst 67 Rickie Beasley delivered a massive head on to the Scorpio limo of Demons driver 355 Martin Mullins with 525 Terry Boxell and 11 Ryan Leeks also getting caught up in the action.

67 Beasley then met Leeks on the nose who was then also subsequently jacked by 884 Tom Filmer before the red flags came out for a small fire under Leeks bonnet.

The restart saw 525 Boxell slam on his brakes to avoid 67 Beasley and was jacked at full speed by 884 Filmer.

On the final corner, Beasley then attacked the leading 271 Dean Goodearl who somehow manged to keep his Ford Scorpio estate running and take the chequered flag.

Race Winner: 271 Dean Goodearl

2019 Unlimited National Bangers Championship of the World:

204 ‘Charlie Boy’ King led the field away from pole as last chance heat one winner 01 Shires spun 699 Stacey Holdsworth on the entrance to turn three before number 3 Mitchel Finney T-Boned Holdsworth in a Silver Boys sandwich.

309 Michael Lane and DWO pairing 162 Brett Ellacott and 341 Andrew Jones also got caught up in the melee on turn three before 521 ‘Ace Ash’ Ashley Riley jacked 341 Jones.

The red flags were brought out after 455 Ricki Finney was accidentally hit in the driver’s door on turn one. Thankfully, other than being a bit sore, Finney was ok.

The complete restart once again saw 204 King lead the field away from pole as 521 Riley went for 162 Ellacott on opposite on turn four and missed, taking out the inaugural BWS Entertainers League winner 211 Jamie Pole instead.

Riley then came back around and jacked Pole hard ending his 2019 World Final race earlier than he would have hoped.

Riley (521) ended Pole’s (211) hopes of World Final glory.

717 Jack Tuffen got tangled up with 834 Jan van Osch and 169 James Rushton on turn three leaving 360 ‘Jackstar’ Jack Reynolds nowhere to go but into the side of Osch.

Number 9 Tom Jordan then went on the offensive, taking out 247 ‘Bro’ Lee Clarke before also quite comically taking out his Barton Boy teammate 195 Reece Marsh.

‘Bro’ was then jacked on opposite by former World Champion 27 Dale Hughes as a small pile up formed and quickly dispersed again on the exit of turn four.

The red flags were brought out again due to a fire on Marsh’s Ford Scorpio just as Riley T-Boned Jordan through his passenger doors.

The restart saw 27 Hughes continue his assault on 247 ‘Bro’ before 753 Billy Cunningham took out 331 ‘Boxer Jack’ Jason Jackson.

Heat two winner 76 Maxwell then followed in 215 Leonard Dunn on turn three, also spinning 528 ‘Jethro’ Alan Hunt simultaneously.

333 Charlie Randell then met 114 Liam Lake on the nose on the exit of turn four before 331 Jackson jacked Randell. ‘Jethro’ then T-Boned Randell who also received a head on from 162 Ellacott before Lake piled in again. Ellacott then finished the job the next time around by ‘jacking’ Randell leaving his Mercedes Saloon in a big wreck.

There was heartbreak for King when just a few laps from the end, mechanical gremlins ended his World Final dream allowing 327 Mick Maskell Jnr to come through and take the 2019 World Championship.

Second place was 360 Reynolds with 162 Ellacott third and 179 Shaun Rushton fourth.

284 James Head was fifth with 528 ‘Jethro’ sixth, 999 Klaas Slager seventh and 59 Steven Bolton eighth.

Ninth was 102 Clayton Wheeler with 699 Holdsworth tenth.

2019 Unlimited National Bangers World Champion: 327 Mick Maskell Jnr

Allcomers One:

The first of the night’s two allcomers races saw 211 Vorkink get jacked on the back straight by 160 Warr, who was subsequently jacked by 777 Arian Vorkink who was T-Boned through the passenger doors as he bounced off Warr’s car on impact by 100 White.

White was also hit over his rear left wheel by 67 Beasley in a quick succession of hard hits.

The red flags were brought out for 777 Vorkink who thankfully escaped with only a cut on his arm.

The restart saw 67 Beasley attack 88 Randy Mulder on opposite on turn four before 77 ‘Patch’ met 399 Jonny Atkin on the nose who was also subsequently jacked by 527 Dennis Klomp. Klomp was then jacked by 224 Lewis Canham.

77 ‘Patch’ then T-Boned 86 Alec Savage on opposite, whom nearly rolled on impact. 146 Davey O’Conner was the next to be taken out by ‘Patch’ in his one-man wrecking display.

Race Winner: 185 Lenny Smith

Allcomers Two:

The second allcomers saw a big push in the midfield on turn three which saw 330 Ben Key get spun and met on the nose by 514 Eighteen who was subsequently jacked by 159 Callum Campbell who in turn was jacked by 43 Maynard.

400 Kelly delivered a massive hit to 143 Daniel Rose on turn one amongst a pile up that had formed. 169 Rushton was another to pile in.

Meanwhile, 252 ‘Boogie’ T-Boned 330 Key on turn four before he was hit over the front left wheel by 999 Slager as he tried to dive to the centre green.

760 Joey Reynolds was jacked by 521 Riley in the pile up on turn one. Riley escaped and was pushed down the back straight by 384 John Golden before 43 Maynard jacked Golden as the pair continued down the home straight.

Golden spun on turn three and was met on the nose by 416 Josh Spokes.

262 ‘Roona’ Rob Bugler reversed out on turn four and was hit over his rear left wheel by 341 Jones. 208 PJ Collins then turned it around and delivered a hit over Bugler’s rear right wheel before Jones piled in again.

Race Winner: 617 Carl ‘Jack’ Overy


The Showdown was cut short to just three laps due to the time curfew and only saw four cars out. 757 Callum Gill won.

Gill’s World Final may not have ended the way he wanted, but he claimed victory in the Showdown.

The Unlimited National Banger World Final once again produced some thrilling action with some gorgeous cars and great racing. Well done to Maskell Jnr on the victory and thank you to all the drivers for their efforts throughout the course of the night and the entire World Qualifying campaign.

By Jordan Hollands.





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