Reid Murray wins the National Championship

Reid Murray made his dream into a reality when he finally won the Lightning Rods National Championship at the Hednesford Hills Raceway on Sunday 4th August.

Murray has finished in the top three for the past three years, coming so close yet so far to winning one of the biggest Hot Rod titles there is. However, a ninth and a win in his two heat races on the Saturday afternoon gave him a good grid position for Sunday’s National Championship.

After a terrific battle with former World Champion Lee Skoyles, Murray came through to win his first National Championship.

The Dagenham-based racer admitted winning the National Championship has ‘always been a dream.’

“To win the National Championship and get a bit of gold on my roof has always been a dream,” said Murray. “Even more so after finishing in the top three for three-years in a row. Its one Championship I’ve always wanted as there’s always a good crowd at Hednesford.

“The ninth and the win on the Saturday was a great help for my starting position. The win was very hard to take – I knew I just had to stay calm and try and finish.”

Murray has now won two English Championship’s, a points title, the Best in Britain, the Northern Irish Open, the London Championship, the East Anglian and Southern Championship. However, the new National Champion admits that his National Championship triumph tops all of the others as ‘it’s a dream come true.’

Reid Murray in the thick of the action at the 2018 Ipswich Spedeweekend, in which he took victory in heat two.

“The last major I won was the English Championship,” said Murray. “Of course, I was over the moon to take the win to become a two-time English Champion but being the National Champion has been a dream for a few years now.”

Murray was originally docked for a coming together with Skoyles in the later part of the race to take the race lead but was then reinstated after the stewards looked at video evidence and found the incident to be a racing accident. Murray admits this made the win ‘even better.’

“Sunday was even better after having the win taken off me to then being reinstated after watching the stewards watched the video and saw that I won it fair and square!”

This season has also seen Murray bring out a new car which guided him to that second English Championship earlier on in the season.

“It’s been a very, very good season for us so far,” said Murray. “After bringing out my new car out for the English Championship and taking a flag-to-flag victory with no testing or sleep, and now taking the National Championship – it’s made all the hard work worth it.”

The Lightning Rods contest their 2019 World Championship at Tipperary in October and Murray is already looking forward to it and challenging himself against some of the fastest Lightning Rod drivers in the World.

Reid Murray is as fast as anyone on his day.

“I love Tipperary,” said an excited Murray. “It’s a fast track with good overtaking opportunities because of a good outside line. I’m even more looking forward to racing with the Irish as they are the fastest drivers out there at the moment. We’ll see how it goes, hopefully I can be the one to bring back the gold roof to Incarace after a few years.”

It’s not only been a successful year for Murray on the track, but also off it as he recently became a Dad. The Dagenham driver admits that he will be putting his family first despite his love of racing.

“I’ve just became a Dad, so I need to put my family first before my racing. My plans are to just enjoy the rest of the season and see where that takes me in the future.”

Obviously, just like any other form of racing, a successful driver such as Murray needs a big team of helper’s behind him.

“I would like to thank all my sponsors; Simpson Race Exhausts, Excel Waste Management, Cooper Motorsport, Premier Tyre Services and Tyre Fit Leek. I’d also like to mainly thank my Dad for helping me in the garage and driving me hours to get me to meetings, and then helping me at the track. And last but not least, thank you to my girlfriend for putting up with me racing,” chuckled Murray.

I’d like to thank Reid Murray for his time and congratulate him for his recent success both on and off the track and wish him the very best of luck for the remainder of 2019.

By Jordan Hollands.


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