Nick Roots: ‘I think the Superstox are a better driving formula at the moment and are certainly better for the crowd.’

Superstox superstar Nick Roots is looking forward to the 2019 Spedeweekend as he bids to become the European Champion as well as hopefully winning the Eaton Family Trophy, with both titles up for grabs this weekend.

“Spedeweekend is always one of the first entries in our diary at the start of the year,” said Roots. “We always like to keep an eye out for when Spedeweekend is and start making the plans early. It’s always a great weekend for us, we’ve done it for the last five or six years since we came back into Spedeworth and with the capacity crowd and the buzz in the pits throughout the meeting – it’s always a great one to be at.”

Roots has had a lot of success at Spedeweekend too, last year he drove an exceptional race to win the National Championship – a title he’ll attempt to defend at the Hednesford Hills Raceway in early August.

Nick Roots will defend his National Championship in around one month. 

The European Championship was originally scheduled to be held at the Northampton Shaleway in the middle of June before weather intervened. A meeting that Roots was quite looking forward too.

“Between tarmac and shale, I don’t have that much of a preference,” he admitted. “I think it was a good idea to potentially run a Championship on shale, and I was actually quite looking forward to it.

“We’ve built a shale car for this year knowing that we’d have a few more meetings on shale. Randall Motorsport have put us together a fantastic shale car for us to have a go at the European with, so it was a shame I didn’t get to show off their hard work in putting it together for us.

“But I think with the crowds we’re going to get at Spedeweekend, it does add a little extra to it but I think shale in the future for a Championship would be a good idea, I just think the Superstox need a bit more practice on there to make the racing a bit more of a spectacle.”

As well as having a shale car built for this season, Roots has also been getting to grips with a beautiful new tarmac car that he’s enjoyed getting to know in the early part of the season.

“It’s been going really well out the box really,” said Roots. “I’ve got a fantastic team behind me at Elite Racing, they’ve put together a fantastic car for me. We built it and took it to the MWA (Motorsport with Attitude) show in February, really to show off their hard work more than anything else, because it was a work of art for them.

“Then we took it away and did a bit more work on the set-up and took it out at Ipswich in May, and it was actually the quickest we’ve ever been round Ipswich straight out the box, so that was a positive – although we didn’t get many results. And since then, the car’s been coming on leaps and bounds the more we’ve developed it.”

Nick Roots took second in the Brian Street Memorial at Aldershot recently.

Aside from racing in the Superstox, Roots has also been doing a few meetings in the BriSCA Formula 2 Stock Cars.

“Although the cars are fairly similar, the racing’s actually quite different,” he said. “At this stage I think the Superstox racing are a lot more competitive than the F2s. The quality of the cars in the F2s is fantastic, from white grade to red grade and the speed in the cars is enough to really get the action going.

“They’re a real good buzz and they are that slight bit quicker than the Superstox – they’re really hard work to drive compared to the Superstox as well with the amount of grip and everything that comes with them, but I have to say I think the Superstox are a better driving formula at the moment and are certainly better for the crowd.”

Despite his interest in the F2s, Roots admits he doesn’t have the time at the moment for a full-time switch to the formula, but also stated the possibility of doing a few more World Qualifiers to get into a World Championship semi-final and have a go at that.

You can listen to the rest of Nick Roots’ interview here, as part of our 2019 Spedeweekend preview podcast in association with Wheelspin Magazine:

By Jordan Hollands.




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