Pete ‘Bodja’ Osborne: ‘I like a bit of lively racing, so I’m buzzing for it!’

Former Banger Racing live wire Pete ‘Bodja’ Osborne is set to make his Ipswich Spedeweekend 1300cc Stock Car debut this weekend as they contest their 2019 Supreme Championship, won last year by 442 Simon Berry.

The 1300cc Stock Cars always provide some hard-hitting action at Spedeweekend with a massive grids of cars and this year is set to be no different.

“I’m looking forward to it,” said Osborne. “I’ve done many a Spedeweekend in the Bangers obviously – National Bangers and the smaller Bangers when they tried getting 100 cars around the track and that was exciting. But for me, I’ve never done a Stock Car at Spedeweekend before and I know they normally get good numbers and probably pick up quite a lot of damage I’d have thought, so that’s right down my street really.

“The Stock Cars for me at Spedeweekend were always the ones to watch, I remember going as a kid – like four or five years old and it was always the Stock Cars that were the main attraction. I think because it’s Spedeweekend, you get a lot of visiting drivers and they normally get a good field of around 60 cars which for Stock Cars is quite lively.

“When you get a field of 60 Bangers, half of them are dead within five or six laps and they spread out a bit where as the Stock Cars don’t seem to stop and bend so much, so you feel it sort of 10-times more than you do in a Banger.

“It’s going to be lively, and obviously I like a bit of lively racing so I’m buzzing for it – I’ve still got a lot of work to do on the car before we get there but I’m looking forward to it.”

Osborne has had his fair share of success since joining the formula but admitted he didn’t know how much of a ‘quality’ driver you needed to be to get decent results, because the rules are so finely set out, meaning everyone’s on a more equal playing field with races coming down to driver’s skill rather than car set-up.

“It’s taught me to drive a hell of a lot different,” he said. “I raced a Banger for the first time in about a year a couple of weeks ago at Eastbourne and my driving skill had improved so much more in a Banger because of what I’d learnt in a Stock Car. It’s a completely different style of driving and teaches you a lot more.

Bodja win
‘Bodja’ took a win in the Final on his National Banger return as his Dreamers ‘B’ team claimed victory.  (Photo credit: Leanne Price on Facebook) 

“We’ve had a win now and we’re going up in the points, I’m at the top of the blue grade now so I hope I’ll be a red top within the next couple of meetings. We’re getting there and we’re heading in the right direction now, but it’s so much more competitive than the Bangers because everyone’s on such a level playing field.”

Starting from the blue grade this weekend, ‘Bodja’ is ready to hit hard from the start and try and build a gap before the red and star grade drivers start to make their way forward.

“The car’s been good recently,” said Osborne. “We’ve picked up a lot of points in the last few meetings, but at the last one I rolled it, so I’ve had to put half a new cage on the car and fix the roof. It also knocked a lot of geometry out on the car. It might handle completely different, I don’t know, I’m not going to get the time to practice before the meeting, I guess we’ll just go and see what we can do.”

Bodja roll
Pete ‘Bodja’ Osborne has had to repair his car after this spectacular roll last time out at Aldershot. 

You can listen to the rest of Pete ‘Bodja’ Osborne’s interview later this week as part of our Spedeweekend preview podcast!

Header image from PetrolHead Images (Raymond Brant) on Facebook.

By Jordan Hollands.






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