Dan Roots claims emotional Brian Street Memorial win

Dan Roots won his first race of 2019 when he claimed the coveted Brian Street Memorial at Aldershot on Sunday.

The Roots have tasted success in this race before when Dan’s brother, Nick won it back in 2014.

Jack West led the early stages and looked comfortable out in front as 419 Chris Capon slotted into second after nudging past Ashley Croft and began chasing down West.

The yellow flags eventually came out after 2018 winner 490 Matthew Sole spun on the exit of turn two.

The restart saw Dan take the race lead from West on turn three as his brother Nick put the bumper in on turn one to move up fourth with Michael Green following him through.

Nick made quick work of carrying on his progress through the field moving up the inside of Joep Brouwers on the home straight before nudging out West on turn three.

He was followed through by Green who was trying to move forward.

Green began chasing down Nick in second but couldn’t get close enough to mount a challenge into any of the corners, attempting a last bend lunge on the last lap without any success.

Michael (154) couldn’t get close enough to mount a real challenge on Nick (77) for second. 

Dan came through to win with his brother Nick holding off a very fast Green to come home second.

Martyn Coles came home fourth with Jason Cooper fifth and Brett Wesbroom sixth.

Seventh was Aaron Williamson, eighth was Jake Sturt who was closely followed by Brouwers with Miles Snr rounding out the top-10.

Dan said: “It was one I’ve been wanting to win for a while because I know how much it means to the Street family.

“I knew it was going to be a tough race with Nick and Michael going so well in the heats and all year really, but I managed to get a good start and was second when the yellows came out. I got a little gap on the restart on them and managed to have the speed to keep them behind me for the rest of the race.

“It was a good start to the season for me as it was only my second meeting this year. But the win was just what I needed to get this year under way. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year, but I’ve still got some speed to find yet, and then hopefully many more wins to come after that.”

Dan hopes to carry the momentum of this win into the rest of the season. 

Heat one was won by Wesbroom with Brouwers taking his first win of the season with victory in heat two.

In a busy time of year for the Superstox, they battle it out at the Northampton Shaleway this Saturday night for the 2019 European Championship before they compete for the 2019 East Anglian Championship and Eaton Family Trophy at Spedeweekend in early July.

By Jordan Hollands.

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